'There is an old school for sale in Slijkplaat, wouldn't that be something for you?' someone asked me 19 years ago. 'Don't know, I have never been to Slijkplaat ,' I answered. I went there, about five kilometres from Breskens, to take a look. Through the iron school windows I saw a large empty room with arches on both sides and I immediately got goose bumps. 'This is it!'

'Not your average cooking book, no, a book about all the beautiful things around us, with beautiful pictures of the surrounding area and of raw people with interesting stories. And in the middle of all of this I will do some cooking.' That was the basic idea. 'We will just follow nature, going from the sky to the sea, from the sea to the silt, from the silt to the beach and we will end up in the woods. And let's use everything we find on our way. The people, the products, the landscape, everything we see, feel and smell.'

De Kromme Watergang

Slijkplaat 6
4513K Hoofdplaat

VAT number: NL819218698.B.01
KVK number: 21016867
Account: 3695.66.246 (Rabobank)
IBAN: NL23 RABO 0369 5662 46

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